BharOS is an Indian made, free and open-source operating system based on the Linux kernel. It was developed with the goal of providing a secure and reliable operating system for the Indian citizens and businesses, while also promoting the use of open-source software in the country. BharOS provides support for various Indian languages and includes a suite of office and multimedia applications.
100% indigenous and developed in India

  1. Designed for low-resource computers and for use in rural area.
  2. Comes with pre-installed Indian language support and open-source software.

How BharOS is Different from Google Android?

The main differences between BharOS and Android are:

  1. Security: BharOS is designed with enhanced security features to protect users’ data and privacy, while Android has faced security concerns in the past.
  2. Sovereignty: BharOS is an Indian product, developed to promote digital sovereignty and reduce dependence on foreign technology.
  3. Customizability: BharOS is more customizable than Android, allowing for greater flexibility in tailoring the operating system to meet specific needs.
  4. User data privacy: BharOS is designed to better protect user data privacy, while Android has faced criticism for collecting excessive user data.

Bharat OS Launch date & can it compete with Android or iOS?

The launch date of Bharat Operating System Solutions (BharOS) is not publicly known.

As for its ability to compete with Android and iOS, it remains to be seen. BharOS is a relatively new entrant in the market and has a long way to go in terms of building a strong ecosystem of apps and services, as well as gaining widespread adoption among users. Android and iOS have established ecosystems, with a vast number of apps and services available, as well as a large user base. However, BharOS has the potential to carve out a niche in the market with its focus on security and privacy, and if it can effectively address the concerns of users in these areas, it may find success.

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