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Reset CSS

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Reset CSS is a set of CSS rules designed to reset the default styles applied by web browsers to HTML elements. The purpose of a reset CSS is to create a consistent baseline style across different browsers and devices, allowing web developers to start styling from scratch without being affected by the browser’s default styles. It typically includes rules that remove margins, paddings, list styles, and other default styles from HTML elements, making it easier for developers to create their own styles without worrying about conflicting with the browser’s defaults. Reset CSS is not always necessary, and its use depends on the specific needs of each project.

Why use reset css

Here are some reasons why you might want to use a reset CSS:

  1. Consistent styling: Different browsers have different default styles for HTML elements, which can make your web page look inconsistent across different devices and browsers. A reset CSS ensures that your web page has a consistent starting point for styling.

Overall, using a reset CSS can help you create a more consistent, cross-browser compatible, and controlled web page styling experience for your users.

Some key features of reset CSS include:

  1. Resetting Default Styles: Reset CSS resets the default styles of HTML elements to a standardized value, which ensures consistency in the appearance of a website across different browsers and devices.

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